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Putting it into Practice (PiiP) Participant Training Materials

The PiiP Training is Step 2 on your pathway to coaching proficiency, described further in the NC Infant-Toddler Program Coaching and Natural Learning Environment Practices Toolkit. We are excited for you to join us for the training and further your efforts to implement these practices. In addition to all completers earning Infant, Toddler and Family Certificate credit, some participants are also eligible to receive CEU credit. Please review the CEU information document and let Fain Barker, NCITP Professional Development Coordinator, know if you have questions at fain.barker@dhhs.nc.gov.

Handouts #2, 3c, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 will be the primary handouts referenced during the training. You can print them or find another way to be able to look at them during the training such as a second device (tablet or phone). You will need them to participate in activities and reflections during the training. The additional handouts are references that may be helpful in the future.

1a – PowerPoint – Day 1

1b – PowerPoint – Day 2

2-At-A-Glance NLEPs

3- Parent Responsiveness Casetool

3a – Parent Responsiveness Strategies Guide

3b – Practitioner and Parent Guide for Responsive Strategies for Infants

3c – Practitioner and Parent Guide to Responsive Strategies

4 – At-A-Glance Coaching

5-At-A-Glance Reflective Questions

6-Video Guides

7-Coaching Role Play Instructions & Scenarios

8-Roadmap-Coachee Presents an Issue

9-Doggie Bag Handout

At-A-Glance Resource Based Practices

Coaching Quick Reference Guide

Common misperceptions about coaching in EI

Decreasing Toy Bag Dependence

Mission and Key Principles

Roadmap-Coachee Follow Up Conversation

Tips and Techniques for Effective Coaching Interactions

Working Together Handout

Working Together (Spanish)