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“I’m a Service Coordinator, So I Don’t Need Early Intervention!”

by Megan C. Jones, Mecklenburg CDSA Service Coordinator Yep, you read the title correctly. But before you think about it too much, let me give you some background inspiration. I’m the proud first-time parent of a beautiful, incredibly sassy, and bright little 2-year-old girl. It was the perfect pregnancy–no complications outside of not being able […]

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The Tickle Technique

Kristy Krantz, PT – Sprout Developmental Services Working in early intervention we have to be creative and support parents to think outside the box, tailoring learning and development activities to the specific likes and interests of the child and family. As a physical therapist, I often help parents explore how to incorporate strengthening activities into […]

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World Hearing Day

By Preston Collins, MS, ITFS & Wanda Pendergrass, ITFS  – Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing-Early Learning Sensory Support Program for Children with Hearing Impairments During the first three years of life, children’s brains are developing rapidly, establishing their foundation for learning. Many are surprised to know that we actually “hear” with our […]

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Thirteen day old smiling newborn baby boy wearing a gray crocheted elephant hat and diaper cover. He is sleeping on his stomach on gray fleece fabric.

Ready, Set, Push! Birthing the PSP Pilot

Lisa Cloninger, MSW, Mecklenburg CDSA Unit Supervisor Did you know that the gestation period for a cow is 10 months? For dolphins, it’s 12 months. For elephants, 18 to 22 months. The winner is the octopus, though. It has a gestation period of 4.5 years! Believe it or not, we have been working on coaching […]

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Community Cafe

A Conversation About Evidenced-Based Practices in Early Intervention

Joey Bishop-Manton, Director, Mecklenburg CDSA On November 30th a passionate and vocal group of folks invested in early intervention met for a Community Café at the Mecklenburg County CDSA.  Community Cafes are modeled after the World Café whose tag line is “To Shape Our World through Conversations that Matter.”  Kind of heady stuff but we […]

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Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes: Supporting the Relationships among Parents, Therapists and Child Care Program Staff

Sherri Read, Service Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA Fostering relationships takes time, and when early intervention services are provided within a child care classroom, communication can be challenging, yet not impossible. A key point in nurturing any relationship is taking time to understand each person’s perspective. There are many people involved – parents, classroom teacher, child […]

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Using Natural Learning Environment Practices in a Childcare Setting

Joey Bishop-Manton, Mecklenburg CDSA Director June’s Table Talk was an energetic and passionate discussion about “Using Natural Learning Environment Practices (NLEP) in Childcare Settings”.  Miranda Lord, CBRS provider from Easter Seals/UCP and Danielle Talford, Developmental Specialist from the CDSA did a great job of framing up the topic.  Clearly childcare is a natural setting for […]

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It Just Makes “Sense” to look at the Family’s Routines. A Table Talk Wednesday Recap

by Katherine Stimpson, Early Intervention Service Coordinator, Mecklenburg CDSA The sound of a ticking clock, chalk squeaking on a chalkboard, and food that has a texture that makes your body squirm. We all have sensory processing differences that set us apart from one another. As early intervention providers, we are tasked with supporting families in […]

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