Top 10 Checklists and Tools to Assess Practices

Use these tools to practice new skills, assess what you are doing well now, and what you need to learn more about related to natural learning environment practices, coaching as interaction style, and routines-based interventions.


Use this checklist to assess how well you are using family-centered practices as part of your work with families.  Evaluate yourself against a set of evidence-based practice indicators.


When families have resource-based needs, what do you do to help them meet those needs?  These three checklists focus on your use of formal and informal supports and how you help families learn about community resources.


These two checklists measure how well early interventionists are providing natural learning environment practices and coaching in the childcare setting.   The document also includes a checklist for the childcare provider to assess the interventionist’s practices.


Use this rating scale to see how well you are using coaching as an interaction style in your work with families.


Are you taking advantage of everyday learning opportunities when working with families?   How well are you supporting parents and caregivers?  Use these checklists to find out the answers to these questions and many more.


Use this great resource to brush up on your reflective questioning skills.  It includes a handy framework at the end with good examples of each type of reflective question.


This is a simple eight-question, yes/no checklist to assess how well you are using information about adult learning to interact with parents and caregivers.


This tool is a ten-question scale to see how well you are interacting with caregivers during intervention sessions.


Wondering how well you used family-guided practices, responsive teaching, and routines-based interventions in your recent intervention sessions?  Use this self-evaluation to find out.


Giving up the toy bag for intervention sessions?  Here’s a step-by-step guide to effective intervention without needing to bring in a toy bag.