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Roadmap to Coaching Support – John Hopkins School of Education, Making Access Happen
Dr. Dathan Rush and Dr. M’Lisa Shelden share their knowledge and expertise on Coaching as an Interaction Style in 9 videos.

Sharing My Expertise

5 Characteristics of Coaching

Top 10 Coaching Myths

Reflection and Reflective Questions

Types of Reflective Questions

Tips for Engaging Coachees

Action-Practice and Modeling

Building Capacity

Evidence-Based Practices


Embedded Coaching – NYC – Early Intervention
New  York City Early Intervention Program describes what they call “embedded coaching” during EI visits

Authentic Assessment – Results Matter – Colorado Department of Education
A physical therapist describes and illustrates how authentic assessment practices enhance her early intervention work with children and their families, including the use of observation, conversations with families, and video.

Connecticut Birth to Three Program
This video shows what early intervention visits are like. It includes descriptions about using typical routines, and parent coaching.

Early Intervention: A Routines Based Approach
This is a three part series of short videos produced by VA Early Intervention Professional Development program.  The videos feature three current early intervention service providers sharing their insights into providing supports and services using a routines-based approach.

Part 1: Traditional vs. Routine
Part 2: What Intervention Can and Should Look Like
Part 3: Changing the Mindset

Results Matter Video Library – Just Being Kids – Colorado Department of Education
Just Being Kids is a collection of six video clips that illustrate recommended practices in early intervention. Developed by The ENRICH Team at JFK Partners in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Education and originally published in 2001, the six stories feature early interventionists working collaboratively with families to achieve meaningful outcomes for their children in everyday routines, activities, and places. In each story, the family members and providers offer poignant reflections on their experiences.

Robin McWilliams-YouTube
Robin McWilliams discusses home visiting practices for Infants and Toddlers

Building Adult Capacities to Improve Child Outcomes: A Theory of Change

Using Parents’ Cell Phones Video Camera to Capture Intervention Strategies in Action
A physical Therapist in Virginia describes how she uses parents’ cell phone video cameras to capture recordings of intervention strategies so that families have a video of how to use the strategy.