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Intervention Tools

It’s important to seek out information whenever you need it, but it’s also great to have some tools in your toolbox so you can support your own professional development as an early interventionist. We’ve found some great ones that line up with evidence-based best practices – check them out!


Top 10 Checklists and Tools to Assess Practices

Use these tools to practice new skills, assess what you are doing well now, and what you need to learn more about related to natural learning environment practices, coaching as interaction style, and routines-based interventions.


Tools and Guides to Facilitate Family Engagement

These tools can be used by IFSP teams in a variety of ways by anyone engaging with families.  Take a look and see how you might use them during ongoing visits or IFSP meetings.  They also work well when planning for next steps with families.


Do you have any questions about how to use any of these tools or guides?  Maybe you have found some others that you would like to share with your fellow early interventionists?  Fill out this contact form, or email us at info@eiexcellence.org.  We’d love to hear from you!