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Resource Based Practices Training Materials

Early Intervention Service Coordinators are in a unique position to help build family well-being and confidence around both caring for and promoting their young child’s development as well as addressing other competing family priorities.  A resource-based approach uses capacity-building practices with a coaching interaction style to help families take the lead in identifying priorities, identifying and mobilizing formal and informal resources, and evaluating the usefulness of the resources for future use. Resource-based practices prompt practitioners to use the family’s existing strengths and abilities to meet their priorities. Families often need concrete assistance with finding reliable transportation, high-quality childcare, support groups, specialized services, and other resources. This approach helps early interventionists leave behind the practices of providing families with lists, plans, and/or making calls and lining services up for them in exchange for practices that engage and empower families to take a lead role in gathering and analyzing options and making informed decisions for their families. Using a coaching approach ensures that service coordinators not only customize the supports offered to families to meet their needs, but also ensure that service coordinators are helping families exercise their own knowledge about community and personal resources in ways that strengthen their problem-solving skills now and in the future.

This training highlights an evidence-based approach to implementing a key role of early intervention service coordinators: supporting families’ abilities to identify and mobilize needed resources. The session uses a multi-media presentation including video of an early intervention practitioner using resource-based intervention practices to support a family’s priorities. The session also focuses on skill-building activities, including building a practice conversation, video analysis, and opportunities for discussion and reflection.

Handouts for Training:

01 At A Glance-Resource Based Practices

02 At A Glance-Coaching

03 Video Debrief. fillable

RBP-Looks Like-Doesn’t Look Like

Roadmap-Coachee Presents an Issue

Roadmaps for Follow-up Conversation