Writing for the Blog……

Thanks for your interest in writing for the EI Excellence blog – we appreciate your willingness to take the time to share your perspective as an EI professional!  Here are a few parameters to help guide you as you send us your thoughts…..

  1. Keep it routines-based:  Our goal is to be consistent and in line with what research has shown us about best practices and how infants, toddlers, and parents learn.
  2. Keep it practical:  There are a lot of articles about philosophy, but we also want to talk about what it looks like in the field with real families!  If you find new research or a new article about EI that you think others may want to see, send it to us at info@eiexcellence.org – we may post it somewhere else on the site or as an accompaniment to your blog post.
  3. Keep it simple:  We are all so busy, and we want to be as functional and specific as possible in the information we provide and make it worth your while to keep coming back.  Blog articles should be 750 words or less so that readers will get the picture and remember it in the moment.
  4. Keep it constructive:  Having a positive attitude can make a world of difference!  We work really hard to be great supports in families’ lives, and being optimistic is where it all begins. 
  5. Keep it confidential:  It’s so important that we keep all of our information general and respect families and providers alike.  While we want to be talking about in-the-moment ideas, we wouldn’t want anyone to read a blog post and realize that it was about them.  

We want to post a new blog every week or so, and we’ll be keeping track of everyone who submits an idea or blog post.  We will read every post submission and will proofread/edit as needed, and while we can’t post them all as they come in, we will have them handy and ready to go!  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks again for being a part of our efforts to make early intervention the best that it can be!!





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