Tools and Guides to Facilitate Family Engagement

These tools can be used by IFSP teams in a variety of ways by anyone engaging with families.  Take a look and see how you might use them during ongoing visits or IFSP meetings.  They also work well when planning for next steps with families.


You’ll find a great resource here to help providers and caregivers identify child interests and ways to increase learning opportunities for children based on those interests.  It includes easy-to-use tools for providers and families to use together, tailored to early, middle, and later preschool years.


This handy one-page resource gives you a way to organize information about specific routines that are the context for outcomes on families’ IFSPs.   It provides space to address all of the important things to consider to help make outcomes as functional and helpful as possible for families.


Need help with how to get things started when talking about routines?  This two-page resource gives you ideas of questions to ask and ways to gather helpful information about routines.


This resource walks you through challenges using the problem-solving approach with families by giving examples of questions you might want to ask to gather important information.  It even includes a section for joint planning with families.  Here’s the blank planning sheet you can fill out with families.


Use this tool to help keep track of what happens during home visits and beef up your joint planning with families.  You can even use it as a handout to give to families once you develop a plan together so they can refer back to it during the rest of the week.


Here’s a great family-friendly resource to help families identify their child’s interests, strengths, and needs.