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Using Natural Learning Environment Practices in a Childcare Setting

Joey Bishop-Manton, Mecklenburg CDSA Director June’s Table Talk was an energetic and passionate discussion about “Using Natural Learning Environment Practices (NLEP) in Childcare Settings”.  Miranda Lord, CBRS provider from Easter Seals/UCP and Danielle Talford, Developmental Specialist from the CDSA did a great job of framing up the topic.  Clearly childcare is a natural setting for […]

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Helping Families Manage the Battle Over Food and Nutrition

  Kristen L. Brown Weddle, MS, RD, LDN CDSA Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist As Early Interventionists, we’ve all had an infant or toddler on our caseload who was having trouble gaining weight, getting the proper nutrition, or growing as expected. Maybe they were just picky eaters or maybe there was another reason, but helping parents and […]

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Rules to Engagement: Are They Really In Denial?

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA Families feel a lot of things when we’re involved in their lives as early interventionists, and it’s important to validate those feelings throughout our time with them.  Some are happy we’re there, some aren’t so stoked to have us around, and some probably don’t really […]

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Which Comes First, Medical Needs or Family Routines? A Table Talk Wednesday Recap

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA The weather is certainly cooling down here in Charlotte, but that didn’t stop us from having a great discussion last month here at our Table Talk Wednesday event!  We decided to spend some time focusing on supports and services for families when children have more […]

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They’re Too Little for This to Affect Them….Right?

Written by Shannon Winsjansen, MSW, LCSWA, Mecklenburg County CDSA April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. On April 8, 2015, the Mecklenburg County CDSA planted blue and silver pinwheels in front of the Carlton G. Watkins Center to raise awareness and promote a healthy and safe start for all children.  As early interventionists, this is […]

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Coaching – Families with Medical Concerns

Written by Linda Molina, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA Early intervention professionals strive to support families in a variety of ways that relate to their child’s development and ability to participate in the family’s everyday activities. Families will frequently bring up concerns about their child’s health since medical issues can directly impact participation in daily routines […]

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Baby in Walker

Bumbos, Bouncy Seats, and Baby Walkers

Written by Ashiya Hassan, DPT, PCS, Mecklenburg County CDSA As providers of early intervention services, parents often ask our opinion on the use of various types of positioning equipment for their child. Sometimes the parent initiates the conversation, and other times the provider may find an opportunity to share suggestions. Here is a discussion about three […]

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To iPad, or Not to iPad….That is the Question – A Table Talk Wednesday Recap

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA If you’re looking for a great place to have a conversation about early intervention experiences in the field, as well as an opportunity to learn from your peers, look no further!  Table Talk Wednesdays are the place to be, and this month’s event was certainly one […]

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An Infant’s Challenge with Sickle Cell Disease

Written by Nia Imani-Pontes, CMSW, Service Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA Imagine you’re visiting with a family, and you and the parent observe the infant trying to pick up one of his toys.  The mother shares that her son has been fussy for some time.  Upon closer observation, you both notice that his hands are swollen, and each time […]

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Toddler Tool Belt

This is the IFSP that Jack’s Team Built

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA In early intervention, everything we do has to be tied to a family’s ability to function more successfully in their daily routines and activity settings.  Sure, families come to us because some specific concern for their child – maybe this little guy was referred because his pediatrician felt […]

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