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Da Plan, Da Plan – A Table Talk Wednesday Recap

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA When we met for last month’s event, we talked about coaching as an interaction style, so we followed up this month with a discussion about joint planning.  We had Wendy Teal, Speech-Language Pathologist and owner of Pediatric Theraplay, Inc., and Amanda Forbis, Service Coordinator with […]

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Christine and Michael

Life is Therapy!

Written by Christine Milano, LMHC, Mecklenburg County CDSA In a former life, I worked in the adult Serious and Persistent Mental Health/Substance Abuse field.  I was completely comfortable with 52-year-old men who struggled with Schizophrenia, flipping over tables at me during psychotic episodes…I was.  I understood that.  I could deal with that.  I then began […]

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Is Your Mother Home? Great! How About Your Father?

Written by John Ellis, Director, Mecklenburg County CDSA On a recent home visit, Anna, an early intervention service coordinator, is surprised to find Jacob’s dad at home, in addition to his mom, for the scheduled IFSP review.  This is the first time that she has met Dad, as he is usually at work during the day […]

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They Just Don’t Seem That Into Me

Written by Joey Bishop-Manton, Clinical Supervisor, Mecklenburg County CDSA You get to a scheduled visit and the family isn’t home.  This has happened before. Or…they are at home, but they are taking care of other things while you are there (laundry, phone calls, etc.).  Or…they don’t seem comfortable showing you things, trying things that you […]

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But I Thought I was Working with Kids?

Written by Julie Higginbotham, Senior Case Coordinator, Mecklenburg County CDSA When you first hear about early intervention, you hear about the program’s focus on children under the age of 3 with delays in their development or that have other established conditions, right?  That’s wonderful – what’s better than working with infants and toddlers to help them […]

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