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Social Emotional Development in the Early Years: Promoting Positive Relationships

The focus of this 1.5 hour webinar will be on the importance of social emotional development and lifelong outcomes for young children with disabilities. Specific topics will include:

    • Research evidence that highlights the importance of healthy and positive relationships between children and their parents and/or caregivers.

Cultural, ethnic, racial, and linguistic variations on parent-child interactions and expectations.
Considerations for military families (e.g., absence due to deployments, reunification, parenting from afar, etc.)

  • The importance of Family-Centered Practices.
  • Typical relationship struggles between parents/caregivers and children with disabilities.
  • Parent coaching strategies to support parents and caregivers as they develop healthy and positive relationships with their children.

Visit https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/milfamlearningnetwork1 on 8/6/15 after registering to participate in this webinar.

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